About Us

Aspire Restoration LTD is a family-run building company with decades of experience. We specialize in restoration and modernization of listed and period properties and have worked on numerous private homes, as well as on churches, hotels, schools, hospitals, and country clubs. We are currently focused on domestic period-properties in London and the Home Counties.

We take great pride in using traditional building techniques and highly trained craftsmen to create modern and beautiful homes without compromising the historic features of the property. We also carry out refurbishments and extensions to modern properties and can cater for all your building needs, always using the utmost care and attention to detail. Aspire restoration ltd is a conservation building company with a reputation for authentic conservation, careful project management, and highly skilled craftspeople. Our project portfolio encompasses private and publicly owned listed buildings, rural estates, churches, and historic buildings.


Aspire restoration ltd work with new clients regularly and understand that some clients may not totally understand some of the traditional methods or materials that they use, equally some may not fully understand the techniques or methods also. Aspire restoration ltd are often regarding as experts at communicating information and delivering that information with accuracy and transparency. They believe that each client has the right to fully appreciate their project and engage at each stage if they choose to.

With many years of good customer care Aspire restoration ltd aims to deliver not only a great value service, but a service that exceeds the expectations of its clients. The quality of each of the services that they provide are often well received by their clients who often recommend them to friends, family and neighbours for further work.