Lime Repointing London

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“At Aspire Restoration ltd we offer many different techniques

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A leading brick repointing team London

We pride ourselves on being a team of experienced, professional restoration experts. We are a leading lime repointing specialist. As well as offering repointing, brick cleaning, lime mortar repointing, brick repair, and restoration services to businesses and individuals in and around London. We offer complete customer satisfaction and all of our services are intended to fully meet your expectations, all our work is completed to a professionally high standard which you would expect from a leading team of specialists such as ours.

Restore your properties by Natural Lime Repointing London!

We re-create joints between bricks for the lime repointing. We do this by firstly forming a neat recess. Next, we clean the joints of the remaining dust. Then we start repointing with a chosen type and color/pigment as part of the pointing process. For repointing, we use only lime mortar. Advantages of lime repointing include:

• Improve the structural integrity of your brickwork.

• Weather-proof your property.

• Refurbish the appearance of your building.

• Natural Lime mortar is breathable which helps with any build up of moisture.

• Increase the value of the property.

• Protect against pollution damage.