What is repointing?

Re-pointing is the process of renewing the pointing which is the external part of the mortar joints. In masonry construction, over time, weathering and decay cause voids in the joints between the brickwork allowing the penetration of damp and moisture, Water entering through these joints can cause significant damage through frost weathering and salt deposition. Damage can also occur more rapidly in built up or urban areas as can the previous inappropriate use of Portland cement (OPC) Aspire restoration ltd fully understands every buildings needs and our work is always faithful to the traditional roots of that building and it’s intended design. On some of our projects in the past we have had the benefit of working alongside some of this country’s most respected voices on this subject and are grateful for their invaluable knowledge that has been passed down to us.

Why use Aspire Restoration for re-pointing?

Aspire restoration have many years of experience with these processes and understand the importance of the pointing and its primary purpose to protect the building from damp and moisture and to improve the thermal loss form the interior. In all cases your property will be surveyed before any works commence. Before any work is undertaken, it is our policy to visit your property whereby a short survey will inform us of the best advise to give you for any potential re-pointing works. At this point we will discuss the options with you and walk you through the process step by step. Many questions that you may have can be answered by our team at this time, A common question we are often asked is about the use of natural lime mortars and their many application. It is essential that any mortar used for re-pointing have similar performance properties to the original mortar used in the building. For instance if a non-hydraulic lime mortar was originally used, the most appropriate mortar used for the re-pointing should of course be a non-hydraulic lime. Our team have specialist training and many years of experience in the conservation and restoration of period properties. When it comes to re-pointing brickwork our methods are sympathetic to your building and our traditional skills and techniques assure that you are in the very best hands. We aim to achieve a high level of workmanship on every job that will transform your building often with dramatic results.

Examples of Aspire Restoration re-pointing services in action


Re-Pointing Work By Aspire Restoration


Re-Pointing Work By Aspire Restoration


Re-Pointing Work By Aspire Restoration