Structural Work Repairs London: Listed Buildings & Traditional Buildings

We are a top company with ten years of experience in Structural Work Repairs London. We are in the London area, with most jobs being done within the capital. Aspire Restoration LTD has complete structural repair solutions for commercial and residential clients. Our specialist structural work repairs London services include underpinning, masonry restoration, building restoration, brick and stone cleaning, and more.

Does Your Building Need A Structural Work Repair?

If you are undergoing problems with your building and there is no apparent cause, then enlisting the advice of our structural work repairs contractor will permit them to evaluate both the extent and the reason for the damage. However, there are a few alert signs to watch out for that show structural work repairs will likely be needed at some point.

The Signs Of Structural Work Repairs Are Needed Include;

  • Broken masonry
  • Damp proofing problems
  • Slumping in the masonry
  • Ground movement

What Causes Structural Problems?

Over time, structural damage is not unusual in older properties. However, even newer properties can originate brickwork and stonework problems due to possibilities outside the building's control. When movement happens around a property, a fixed building is typically not built to bend without fracturing. 

This Type Of Structural Damage Can Occur In The Building For Several Reasons, Including;

  • Defected gutters in the area
  • Tree roots close to the property
  • Rise or fall in the level of the water table
  • Ground settling

Carrying Out Supervision And Repairs To A Listed Building

The total loss of original materials and details during repair work can corrupt the architectural and historical value of the whole building. You will need support if you wish to replace authentic materials, such as lath and plaster, wattle and daub, with modern alternatives, such as extended metal lath or plasterboard – call us for the listed building to find out more.
In carrying out any work, your purpose should be to save and repair the building rather than carrying out any wholesale replacement. Except in rare cases, and delivered that the structure of the building and historic details remain untouched; you are doubtful to need support if you wish to carry out day-to-day repairs and plumbing, heating, and electrical services. You may need help if you want to repaint the exterior of listed buildings in different colors or clean the brickwork and stone.

Listed Building Support

You will need Listed Building support to carry out any work to the building that concerns its character. This includes destroying all or parts of a listed building, alterations, and extensions.

Our Work Includes The Following:

  • Removing external surfaces
  • Changing roofing materials
  • Removing or altering fireplaces
  • Moving or removing internal walls
  • Making new doorways or openings
  • Changing windows and doors
  • Painting previously unpainted surfaces
  • Putting in dormer windows or roof lights

The Purpose Of Repair

At the earlier stage, it is essential to be clear about the aim and requirement for repairs to a listed building. The immediate purpose of any restoration to a listed building should be to restrain the process of decay without damaging the character of the buildings, changing the features which have given them their historical or architectural significance, or unnecessarily disturbing or destroying their historic fabric.

Traditional Building Repairs

We are passionate about old buildings and their essential role in our country's rich heritage. We deliver traditional building repairs and supervision to clients across London. Our traditional building still stands as an example to the world of just how professional the builders of the past were at building houses that look splendid and could also stand the test of time. Initially, the techniques employed in constructing these buildings have allowed them to remain for hundreds of years. We observe these methods during renovation, thus prolonging the life of these beautiful properties for many years to come.

Why Choose Structural Work Repairs London?

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