Update your residential or commercial property!

Since 2013 we have focused our small business on the restoration of period properties of all types in Dulwich, London. Since then, for tuckpointing Dulwich, we found a market for our unique set of skills and services by private homeowners who may have purchased property neglected whist in previous ownership and without fully knowing or understanding the consequences of previous poor maintenance or workmanship.

Tuckpointing Dulwich

Our work pleases our valued clients

However, we are hired to update the facades of residential and commercial properties by cleaning and tuckpointing the brickwork. We have found over time, that our tuckpointing Dulwich work not only pleases the many clients we have had but attracts the many we have yet to meet.

Tuckpointing Dulwich
Tuckpointing Dulwich

Things we consider before providing tuckpointing service:

  • What kind of material needs tuckpointing?
  • What needs tuckpointing?
  • Describe what needs to be repaired.
  • Cracks in mortar
  • Crumbling mortar
  • Holes in mortar
  • Uneven bricks
  • Evidence of water damage
  • Need an evaluation
  • What kind of location is this in London?

Our small team of skilled workers carries out the following works to the best possible standard:

  • The removal and re-pointing to brickwork (we cover and can replicate any known style pointing including traditional tuckpointing)
  • The correct use and application of traditional lime mortars
  • The chemical cleaning and treatment of brickwork and stone
  • Repairs to all types of sandstone, limestone, and brickwork
  • The removal of masonry paint
  • The repairing and painting of external masonry, windows, and doors
  • The restoration of internal feature walls with designed mortar finishes
  • Consultation and guidance on water ingress, defective masonry components, and remedial approaches as in line with current building regulations and local conservation policy.

Friendly & reliable service:

We pride ourselves on offering our clients honest advice on tuckpointing service and deliver on good value for money when it comes to cost. Our workers are also recognizable and presentable. Our company has many compelling qualities. We are qualified, have years of experience, our tuckpointing services are honestly priced, we are professional and reliable, fully insured and we provide our potential and existing clients with no-obligation quotes.

Use for the contact form to reach out to us. Alternatively, call us on +44 7903 098 408

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