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What do we do?

Our past projects include both new and old restoration projects. We turn buildings back to their former glory with a traditional quality finish often with dramatic results.

Are you looking for a professional tuckpointing London?

If you are looking for a professional tuckpointing London service, then contact us today. We offer a professional, reliable and affordable service finished to the highest possible standard. We have many years of successful restoration projects through-out London and the home counties and are very proud of our results. All our work is guaranteed and we are fully insured.



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Look no further than tuckpointing!

With our array of masonry expertise, we’ll be able to make your home or business property looking brilliant again. If your bricks need tuckpointing or a similar natural lime finish, we are the right company for you. Let’s take care of restoring and preserving the natural look of your property using the traditional methods and materials that really compliment the architecture. With many years of feeling passionate about conservation, you can be sure to get the right result for your property, from trusted professionals that have perfected this once lost artisan movement.


Of all the historic pointing styles the most difficult to execute was and remains the 'tuck pointed' finish. Properly executed, it is a method of pointing in which an illusion of finely gauged brickwork is achieved by filling the joints between the bricks with a colour-matched mortar which is prepared and then thinly grooved to receive a finely trimmed ribbon of lime putty and silver sand mortar called 'fine-stuff'. It evolved during a period of great refinement in construction and appears in England during the end of the 17th century and then virtually died out during the early years of the 20th century, with the overall decline of traditional craft practices and, after the Second World War (1939-45), easier and faster to erect masonry systems, a changing building craft practices; and a growing acceptance of ever-lower standards of workmanship.

Our services are not limited to only tuckpointing and mortar work. We offer a vast range of masonry services which you can browse through here. Small or large, our passion lays in the quality of the work, not the size.