Brick Paint Removal in Greater London

The biggest concern is that even the smallest of cracks in your brickwork will allow moisture to seep into the brickwork and gradually erode the face of the brick. Through the paint removal process, you will allow the brickwork to breathe naturally which will help to reduce the risk of future maintenance costs. value to your property

Our team of brick paint removal in London specialists, here at Aspire Restoration ltd understands that first impressions count, and old paintwork on the outside of the home can really affect the look and feel of a property. If you need old, peeling, discolored, or messy paint removed from the outside of your home or business properties, then you have come to the right place.

Customer satisfaction

We specialize in servicing both residential and commercial customers. Our attention to detail and customer satisfaction is just a few reasons why we are leaders in the brick restoration industry. At Aspire Restoration ltd, customers are valued above everything else and we are always happy to hear from them whether the job is big or small. We use a detergent system and pressure washer to remove paint from exterior brick and stone for both residential and commercial uses.

We are experts in brick paint removal!paint removal Greater london

In the paint removal process, we apply a specially formulated paint remover to the brickwork, which then slowly dissolves the paint. This process may need to be repeated three or four times depending on the number of layers of paint on the brick face or the type of paint being removed. Once the paint removal process has taken place, the bricks are then given a chemical cleaner which removes all residues. This brick paint removal treatment restores the bricks to their original colors and generally enhancing the building's appeal. We can also give services of Paint Removals London and Brick Cleaning London. You can also visit us on Facebook.