What is masonry restoration?

Masonry restoration is the repair or restoration works carried out to the external fabric of a traditional style building usually constructed in brick or stone. The stone and brick units that make up a buildings structure can sometimes fall into a state of disrepair through either poor maintenance or other external factors such as weather damage, failed pointing joints or subsidence. Once a diagnosis can be understood for any such problem a program of restoration can then be established and an immediate plan followed to correct any of the failings that the masonry was displaying previously. Quite often problems may present themselves at a time where it may be inconvenient to any homeowner or contractor. We would always suggest having any such issues looked at sooner rather than later as in many cases such problems are likely to cause even greater problems at a later date. With many years of working on historic restoration projects we have many contacts and suppliers in the trade and can source new or reclaim stone and brick to match any building type. Many of our restoration projects are finished in original components or where possible salvaged from the project itself. Where however it is not feasible to carry out a suitable replacement then we do have the expertise to carry out in-situ-repairs using composite stone dust pre-mix. Masonry restoration can be demanding and give a variety of challenges for the restoration contractor, especially in dealing with historic buildings. These projects require a restoration contractor that is well experienced in dealing with masonry restoration. Aspire restoration has the necessary experience required to advise any homeowner or contractor on this subject and offer any services that can be of help.


In addition to our many types of masonry restoration services that we offer we can also provide the very best in external re-decoration. Using our team of experienced decorators they specialise in the decoration of sash windows, doors and masonry features that can revitalise your property for a complete professional finish. Complementing our work since 2013 their keen attention for detail and passion for their work really makes our projects stand out. Preparation, professional application of materials and their many years of experience can best advise us on the best approach to take on delivering remarkable results for your property.

Examples of Aspire Restoration masonry restoration services in action


Before Mansory Restoration


After Mansory Restoration